Sunday, July 27, 2008

Logic Studio Pro

It's no secret that i've been slaving away on my music. In my spare time that is. I've been learning Logic Studio Pro every waking moment that i have to spare. It's quite an amazing software suite. I was tempted to go back to ProTools or perhaps just invest in Logic Express, but a friend convinced me not to. He (who shall remain nameless) works in the movie audio production business. Over the course of months, him and i have been exchanging emails back and forth. When it finally came down to make the purchase, he explained to me simply: The price of one of these: reverb, compressors, effects, ultrabeat, software instruments is worth the price of the entire suite alone. I knew the very second i designed and added my very own reverb effects on my audio what he meant. He was right!

I'm still walking around quite sleepless, motivated to learn as much as i can about this software suite. At the same time, i wonder, HOW CAN APPLE GIVE AWAY THIS AUDIO PRODUCTION SUITE FOR NOTHING? Seriously, nothing!

This does everything that ProTools does, with the only limitations being your computer, hard drive space and RAM. I can record, edit, compose, midi, trim, master.....just about everything. I'm learning that it comes down to this: If you can dream up a sound or effect or way to patch, edit, master, etc... Logic Pro can do it! It's amazing.

But it's not for those faint of heart. Don't think because you're a pro at GarageBand or CakeWalk or any consumer level audio program that you're going to jump in and be a master overnight.

I come from a ProTools background. I spent the early days testing on the ProTools DAWs just learning non-destructive, non-linear editing. It was a fun ride. Luckily for me (and others in my situation), Logic Studio Pro has been refined to not only be more powerful than ProTools systems, but to be intuitive and offer easier solutions and ways to do things.

After installing close to 50gigs of data on my G5, i was up and running on Logic Pro in 5 minutes? Why? Because it's "standardized". I know what the transport windows does. I know i can click and drag. I know that i can bring up contextual menus just about anywhere by control-clicking or click and holding, etc. From here on out, it's easy. I just have to learn the shortcuts... you know, the keyboard shortcuts and i'll become faster and more powerful with this suite.

Logic Pro is amazing. Whatever audio project you can dream up, Logic can take care of it.

Soon enough i'll be posting mp3's of my songs, my creations online. I haven't decided yet where or if i'll do it under a secret name, but soon i'll have stuff up.

If you're a musician looking for something better to produce, write, compose, record your music on....don't waste your time with the very pricey ProTools software. Check out Logic Studio Pro. Trust me, what you get in the box is priceless. Many, like myself can't believe Apple is GIVING it away for only $499. (Note: Amazon has a better price ;)