Sunday, November 19, 2006

Take Me Away Calzone!

Okay. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously. What is wrong with the server? This time, i'm talking about the server at 'blankity blank' in South Pasadena. The last time my friends and i had pizza there, we specifically asked for the thin crust pizza. What we got was a SUPER GINORMOUS THICK crust pizza. It was huge! It was like 3x thicker than a Chicago deep dish pizza from Chicago! Seriously. I had one small slice, and i was done. I was out for the count! it was too much food. Instead of taking it back, we bit our toungue and dealt with it (TIP: DON'T EVER SEND FOOD BACK. I HEAR NOTHING BUT HORROR STORIES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL).

Okay, so fast forward to tonight. I had dinner with two friends and one was craving pizza. So we decided to split a THIN crust pizza. My other friend decided to try the calzone.

So after a while, the pizza comes. It's mighty tasty and scalding hot. So in a few minutes the server makes her way to our table and informs us that his calzone is taking longer to bake and is on it's way. So i see her carrying this THICK calzone pie from across the room. And she's coming our way. She sets it down on our table. It's FREAKING HUGE. Think: super thick pizza fiasco from the last time.

Since my friend specifically ordered the calzone, shouldn't she have informed him/us that it was a huge pie and not just a slice? Something that big and thick you usually share with a table or small group. I mean, it's ALOT of food. Think: two huge pizzas squished together.

Don't get me wrong.... but geez! seriously. seriously. SERIOUSLY! Should she have warned us that it could feed an Army for 3 days?

This is the thin crust pizza that should have taken the spotlight. It was dee-licious.

This is the calzone. Good Stuff! But seriously, it feeds ALOT more than one person.

So much for "thin crust low-cal night".

Okay. I think i actually Feel better now! *sigh*

(DISCLAIMER: I know i vowed to never EVER EVER use my camera phone feature, but the truth is i don't carry a point & shoot digital with me. So some future shots will more than likely come from my MOTO RAZR phone).