Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Silicon Valley: San Jose

Day 2: Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose is quite interesting. In just a few blocks (more than a few actually), the nightlife is active and happening. Although we spent the day driving around the "happening" parts of San Jose, explored Santana Road and made a stop at the Tech Museum.

Just behind our hotel is the GIGANTIC EBay headquarters. It's a huge complex, at least two HUGE buildings with MORE buildings in other parts of town. But in comparison...it's NOWHERE near as big as the HP Pavillion headquarters. I mean, we're talking like 2-3 fwy exits of space!

At the Tech Museum, Robotic arms can spell your name in baby block letter toys. Fascinating.

You can also bring your PCR/DNA/Genetics skills and put them to the test right here in their very own wet lab! Interesting!

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