Tuesday, January 9, 2007

San Francisco

Arriving in downtown San Francisco, you'll notice one thing.... it looks like New York, it feels like New York. It's a crowded, compact city. People are everywhere, businesses are everywhere, homes are everywhere. Cars, cable cars, trolleys, rail cars, muni cars all are tangled together in traffic down Market Street. It's busy, everyone has somewhere to go. Just remember one thing, Three Rights make a left. :) This is a shot from high atop TWIN PEAKS part of San Francisco. It's amazing how little effort it took to reach this altitude. Well, thanks to Market Street turning into Portola and providing a gradual incline to the top. If you blink, you'll miss how high you've traveled. It's a gorgeous view of the city and bay. It's sorta like what the Griffith Observatory is to us Angelino's.

In the background, you can see a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. This was taken high atop Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

Another photo from Twin Peaks. In the background you can see Alcatraz, better known as THE ROCK.

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